1984 . 1987 . 1988
EUROPE on tour Cutie of the year was Joey Tempest The star of the year 1987 was John Norum
. Intimate details: Joey Tempest Out of this world...
1985 The most famous men in Sweden From coast to coast with the leppards
EUROPE are leaving Sweden for Switzerland The European attack Metal Hammer Special: EUROPE Fan Mag
The rock year 1985 EUROPE "Louder than Motörhead" shock! Better and better and better again...
. Countdown to international success Frontmen in knife sharp competition
1986 Taking the world by storm .
Exclusive interview with Joey at the resting home No Swedish meatballs 1989
Finally the problems are over Too sexy for rock? Interview with Swedish world stars on tour
EUROPE's rock rocket has lifted off Finger on the trigger Success at home for EUROPE
Album success and triumph tour Caught in the act Wot - No screaming girlies?
Joey Tempest from EUROPE How Swede it is Continental drift
Ichi, ni, san, chi, go... EUROPE conquers the world Le Baron Boys at Whisky A Go Go
EUROPE in Paris on their PR-tour After a whole year in full speed! .
Last night with the gang EUROPE's new arrogant style .

1990 . 1992 . 199X
EUROPE in Los Angeles Paradise ditty At the café with Kee Marcello
Idol hysteria in Chile Heaven on the small screen How Mic Michaeli grew up
Resuming the countdown . .
EUROPE Update - John Levén tells all 1993 .
A tempestuous new EUROPE album? NOIZE Magazine - Interview with Mic Michaeli .
. . .
1991 1997 .
Joey talks about the new songs Norwegian radio interview with Joey .
Set the prisoners free! Chat with Joey Tempest .
Swedish rockers return with Prisoners in Paradise . .
Paradise regained! 1999 .
In search of paradise... Scream meets John Norum .
Countdown to paradise EUROPE are ready for the countdown .

2000 . 2003 . 2005
EUROPE made a comeback! Chat with Mic Michaeli EUROPE – Out of the Dark and Into the Light!
Ian Haugland cut his hair and got a job Where are they now? CDK Interview with Kee Marcello
. Expressen found the hunted manager .
2001 Single Luck: The Final Countdown 2006
Ian Haugland speaks directly to the ESC of Oceania! Press release: EUROPE is back! Antenna - Interview with John Norum
. . With a collective ego
2002 2004 .
Interview with Mark Wilkinson EUROPE in the studio 2008
Hairy: History of Swedish 80s Metal On top with EUROPE I got to meet my favorite band...
Golden Times: Joey Tempest Sweden Rock Magazine - EUROPE .
The million fee disappeared EUROPE has come home 2009
EUROPE are back The boy who loved EUROPE Radio Universo
. Kee's no to EUROPE .

My Dřgnvill experience...
EUROPE guitarist Kee Marcello tells all in new book

2020 . 2021
EUROPE Worst to Best - with Ian Haugland and Mic Michaeli "With Prisoners in Paradise we had taken it as far as we could"

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