Cutie of the year was Joey Tempest

By: Anders Tengner            From: OKEJ - No. 9, 1987            Translated by: Louise

But it was hairsplitting!

The winner of the contest "Cutie of the year" has been chosen - funnily enough, it was our Swedish superstar Joey Tempest from EUROPE. Closely, closely followed by the rival and hottie Jon Bon Jovi...

Here in Sweden we stick with our Swedish cuties. That's clear after the re-voting "Cutie of the year 1986". Joey Tempest is the guy from Upplands Väsby, whose dream has come true. He is a big star, we know that, the continent Europe's new idol and now the girls' favorite!

The battle stood between EUROPE's Joey and Bon Jovi's Jon. And the only thing between them was a handful of votes. Even in music EUROPE and Bon Jovi are fighting for the fans. Jon Bon Jovi seems to deny that he even knows about his worst rivals in the business. EUROPE don't like to comment on the case. Until now EUROPE seem to be the big band here in Europe. In the USA though, Bon Jovi are leading, but as we know, the Swedes are climbing the charts. We'll have to see how it will go for EUROPE when they go on their American tour, which is starting these days...

Success in the USA
Joey has got just about all it takes to be a rock star. His looks are in his favor, we know that. One can wonder how many female hearts were broken during his and EUROPE's victory tours all over the world.  But the most important thing - his musical talents are of a rare kind. The songs he writes are unique - and he always has more to come. His voice is without rivals in the pop world. Joey produces and arranges very well. Can he together with EUROPE achieve nothing but success in the USA?

By the way, how did it go in the re-voting between the world's famous cuties? Jon's placing as second runner-up wasn't really a surprise. Even he has most of it and some. Talk about charisma!

Bets everything on the music
But who is he really - this year's cutie Joey Tempest? According to himself, a purely normal guy from Upplands Väsby just outside Stockholm, who always liked music. He started early with both guitar and piano. But it was as a bassist he started in the band FORCE in 1979. Soon, though, he switched the bass for the keyboards. FORCE were Joey, John Norum, John Levén and Tony Reno - in other words, the band who later on won "Rock SM" under the name EUROPE. (They joined using the name FORCE, but quickly switched to EUROPE).

This was the time when Joey really set out to be a star. He threw away his earlier considerations of becoming a gym instructor, and bet everything on the music. And that has turned out to pay...

Changed looks
Since "Rock- SM" 1982, Joey has not only developed in a musical way and become one of our greatest rock stars. He has also changed his looks. Having had straight hair and a moustache earlier, he now has a fresher look and curls in his hair. And he has also worked out.

In private he doesn't seem to be shy, even though it has been worse. Joey never brags either. Beneath the nice appearance lies a really tough guy who once in a while gets struck by life, but always gets back up on his feet - even stronger.

Joey has probably just taken the first steps into a long career as an artist and world star. There is no doubt about him being born under a lucky star on August 19, 1963. Joey left 1986 as the pop world's big conqueror - and now he is even voted "Cutie of the year" in OKEJ. What's next...

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