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Exclusive Interview! May 2001.

Ian Haugland speaks directly to the ESC of Oceania!

Thanks to his own kindness, and a willingness to convey an appreciation for his fans, Ian Haugland recently granted the ESC of Oceania with an exclusive interview, aimed chiefly at the Australian and Oceania supporters. In his interview, he lives up to the name of the "funny guy", pinned to him by friends, colleagues and family alike. He proves that he has not forgotten one of the greatest 'mottos' by which he lives, from his time with EUROPE until the present day... 'you gotta have fun!'

For fans, please enjoy, and to Ian from all supporters in Oceania, TAAAAAAAAAAACCCK!

First and foremost on behalf of those fans who respect and admire you, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions put forward by some of the Australian and Oceania supporters...we don't seem to hear much of your work way over here 'down under'! Your music is an inspiration to many, and all your fans wish you many continued successes!

Dimi: Firstly, did you manage to catch any of the Sydney 2000 olympics on TV? If so, which events did you enjoy the most and what was your impression of the city?

Ian: Unfortunatly I'm a total sports aetheist so I really didn't catch anything at all of the Olympics. But what I've seen of Sydney in movies and books I really regret that we never went to Australia in the EUROPE days (maybe next time!?)

Dimi: Name 5 things uniquely Australian!

Ian: AC/DC, The beautiful women, Fosters lager, Kangaroos, that it's so faraway (unfortunatly!)

Dimi: If you were to preserve 5 things that best illustrated your time on this planet; in a time capsule to be opened 200 years from now - what would you choose?

Ian: A dollar bill, A mobilphone, A straight jacket?, A snaredrum, and the complete Monty python movie catalog.

Dimi: I hear that the new Clockwise CD is currently in production. Has there been any significant thing happen since the last CD that has effected your musical direction this time around?

Ian: The next Clockwise album is not in production right now (at least not that i know of !) However I've heard some demos and they sounded much like the earlier stuff.

Dimi: When was the last time you cried?

Ian: The last time I looked in the mirror!

Dimi: What was the most memorable gift ever given to you by another EUROPE bandmember?

Ian: I can't remember! ( just kiddin'! ).Once John Norum left his used socks! ( by accident ) in my suitcase...I'll never forget that stench when I opend it next time!!!

Dimi: The Australian people have often been ridiculed for our very own version of the 'Queen's english". Funnily enough, we can't understand why. How much of the following sentence do you understand?:

"Strewth sheila! Grouse tucker! Chuck us another dinky-di tinny from the esky mate!"

Ian: Sheila = Girl, Mate = Buddy... for the rest, you might as well ask me to read out loud from a chinese newspaper!

*Note from Dimitri* - Ian, you made a superb effort, but for your benefit and that of the non-Australian fans this loosely translates to: "Jeez Woman! Great food! throw me another good ol' can of beer from the ice box, luv!"

Dimi: Naturally there are fans who would love to hear new EUROPE material! Is there any unreleased material besides that written during the "Le Baron Boys" era, which you believe may eventually see the light of day?

Ian: Personaly I think that, with a little modification songs like , "Here comes the night", "I don't know how to love nomore" & "Rainbow warrior" would become Killer songs!

Dimi: What is your opinion of the recent popularity of the "Voyeur TV" phenomenon - reality shows like "Big Brother" and "Survivor". Would you ever consider appearing on such a program?

Ian: Yeah!! if i got to preform naked with a drumstick up the xxx!!

Dimi: For fans who haven't caught your live radio broadcast from 106.7fm, describe a typical morning at the station. What has been the highlight of your radio programming so far?

Ian: A typical morning concists of 100% music, madness, muckin' & fuckin' around with my sidekick...Stefan (he smells like a truckload of rotten fish!!)

Dimi: When you are not involved with your music and your job with 106.7fm, what do you enjoy doing with your family?


Dimi: Finally, in 1988 with EUROPE, you had planned a mini-tour of Australia which never eventuated (sob)! This was the first and last opportunity for most Oceania fans to see EUROPE play live. Now, on the verge of the 4th Fans Convention, what message would you like to send the fans and supporters "down under" who find it geographically impossible to attend?

Ian: To begin with: sorry that we could'nt make it downunder the first time around, and that i really hope there will be a second time! Meanwhile please stay in touch! It's my honour to answer your questions. I'll "crack a tube" to salute you,don't loose faith!

Ian, TACK again for this window into your world! If you ever decide to visit Australia as a tourist or with a band, you will be warmly received by thousands of happy friends! Good luck with your future projects, and please have a beer for us, the Oceania suporters at the upcoming convention! SKOOOOL!

Ian: Talk to ya later!

Thanks to Laura and Annah & the ESC of Italy for making this interview possible!

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