Better and better and better again...

By: Lars Brander            From: OKEJ - No. 20, 1988            Translated by: Louise

"We have proven our strength!!!!"

The Police did it. And Sting has said that he would like to return, and bring maybe the accidentally split-up band along, or come in lone majesty. George Harrison did it, but then it was fusion music or purely classical, eastern harmonies, and it was in association with more serious and depressive situations. A lot of other people have followed, even a lot of heavy bands have found their way there and now it's EUROPE's turn. To do what??? If you are wondering, we understand and answer: To pack up their bags and fly to India for a series of concerts in Bombay. Three gigs in November are booked, if of course they can stick to the original plans, and all the incomes from one of these concerts will go unabridged to a help organization in the country.

"From the beginning it was Thomas Erdtman's idea," the Vikings say, who in this hour are in the West, conquering the American public. "Thomas was in India a while ago and was deeply touched by the poverty and need that he saw. At the same time he got in touch with a concert arranger, who was wondering if we couldn't play in Bombay. We said, 'Yes, thank you - if we in some way could make an economic contribution!' It would feel totally wrong to play in India without at least doing a small effort to help those who starve and are in trouble there."

For the moment, the concerts are planned for November, but it isn't completely impossible that the dates will be changed a bit when the schedule for the world tour is done. Next year the band EUROPE, as you might know, will hit the continent from which they borrowed their name, and until then they want to do more concerts in the USA and maybe other places in the world as a support act or headline.

"Next year," the guys say. "Next year after the gigs in Europe - then we have to be ready to take over even here in the USA. That's the goal and if everything goes as we hope for, we'll be playing as the main attraction on the big arenas already in May."

Joey, Kee, John, Mic and Ian make plans and dream, and they have every right to do that, because now it looks endlessly bright for Swedish rock on the export. The reviews are almost poetic; EUROPE's success when they toured with Def Leppard is undefeatable, and the album "Out of This World" has climbed so fast up the Billboard Chart that it can only create hope...

"There are high spirits," keyboardist Mic Michaeli thinks. "It has probably never been better. We are friends and mates - Kee Marcello has undoubtedly meant a great deal for the band feeling, the unity and hopes for the future. He has experience, he has solidarity and a sense of humor - those are important skills!"

Kee Marcello, 28 years old and the oldest in the gang, guitarist, songwriter and musical handyman. He was the last to join the victory train of EUROPE, when he in a partially upsetting way replaced John Norum and ever since has grown to be one of the frontmen, right beside Joey Tempest and always melodious attacking in his style. There have been many pats on the shoulders and backs in this team, the colleagues are showing the right amount of respect, and have already and very gladly placed him in the higher school of string-benders and in the first division, a relationship that we might not have quite understood yet back home in Sweden.

"He is one of the best in the world, that's indisputable," the other members of EUROPE think. "Kee can play almost anything and he has both feeling and technique." Which he by far has shown lately, on album and on stage in America.

Maybe one exaggerates a bit from time to time if one says that EUROPE purely musically outplayed the favorites Def Leppard, but that's not so far from the truth. And above all: when the experience and self-assurance come along, it will be even better.

"We have worked so hard, "Joey says. "And I think that with the tour and 'Out of This World' we have proved which qualities we have, that we actually have got high class. For a while we were worried about what people in Sweden would think about the album, but it seems to have turned out pretty well there too. It feels great - home is always home."

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