Kee's no to EUROPE

By: Dave LingFrom: Classic Rock - August 2004

Marcello snubs band reunion
Former EUROPE guitarist Kee Marcello tells Classic Rock that he turned down the band's much-vaunted reunion to concentrate on his own project, K2. Marcello, who premiered the three-piece K2 at a London club show last month, insists he is far happier out on his own and not having to play EUROPE's worldwide hit "The Final Countdown".

"It's better that they go out with John Norum," he says. "I might join them on tour for a few shows, but to be honest I'd be very happy if I never had to play the 'F' song again."

However, Marcello was involved in the band's one-off concert to celebrate the millennium which, along with meetings for the recently released Rock the Night: The Very Best of EUROPE, inspired the reunion. "That was really crazy," Marcello laughs. "A Swedish millionaire asked us to play a special concert on a barge on the river in Stockholm. We only played two songs, 'Rock the Night' and 'The Final Countdown', with myself and John playing guitar."

After EUROPE disbanded in 1992, Marcello joined Rat Rat Blue, who he'd been producing. They changed their name to Red Fun and recorded one album. He also recorded a solo album, Shine On in '95.

"I've been a producer since about 1982 and that's really what I like to do," he says.

K2's album, Melon Demon Divine, is available now through Frontiers Records.

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