EUROPE made a comeback!

By: Klas Lindberg            From: Aftonbladet - April 15, 2000            Translated by: Louise

EUROPE reunited for a sensational gig at Hard Rock Café last night. And the band are planning to do a new album already next year.

"It would be tragic if we didn't. It's almost magical when we play together," guitarist John Norum says.

When the members of EUROPE reunited for the gig on New Year's Eve, they said that it was a one-time happening. But last night it happened again - this time at the Hard Rock Café in Stockholm. The cover band Playboys had played five old EUROPE classics when it was time for the last song: "Rock the Night". Then the old rock heroes of EUROPE, one by one, went on stage until they only lacked Joey Tempest. But in the end, even he showed up, took over the microphone, and suddenly EUROPE were reunited once again.

As a matter of fact, EUROPE had only come to the Hard Rock Café to present an exhibition in their honor. "We have gathered some stuff to show. It feels like a great honor to get our own spot here," Joey Tempest says.

Because it was actually at the Hard Rock Café it all started. Fifteen years ago, the Hard Rock Café was the local café for Joey, John Norum and the others in EUROPE. And the video for one of the band's greatest hits, "Rock the Night", was recorded right here.

The rumor about EUROPE doing a secret gig made fans from all over the world call the bar's boss Lasse Nordgren. "Yes, we have received mails and calls all week. Now you realize how big EUROPE really are," Lasse says.

But for a long time it was uncertain if the reunion on stage would happen. But in the end the small crowd of fans who had come, got to see their idols together again. Aftonbladet can also reveal that there are long term plans to reunite the band again. For real!

It's magical playing together
A new album followed by a tour has been discussed. Maybe already in the year 2001.

"I've just released a solo album and Joey is writing a new one. But after that, it can happen," John Norum says and continues: "It would be tragic if we didn't reunite. We have a special chemistry in the band - it's almost magical when we play together. That's why I really hope that it will happen."

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