EUROPE conquers the world

By: Lori Bernstein            From: GROOVE - 1987

It has been an incredible year in the life of EUROPE. Their second album, "The Final Countdown", catapulted up the charts in Europe and was certified gold within weeks. Now they have surpassed that mark in the United States with their album which turned platinum in April.

That feat prompted them to hit the American concert trail for the first time, where they have been selling out venues from coast to coast. Now as they wind down their tour and head into the studio to cut their third album, bassist John Levén had a chance to catch up with GROOVE Associate Editor Lori Bernstein from the road. Here's what he had to say about the group's ongoing success:

Lori: "How do you like playing in the United States?"

John: "It is a lot of fun! The arenas have been crowded."

Lori: "Is it different from playing in Europe?"

John: "Yes it is. If you play in Europe, they scream all the time. They scream at the right places."

Lori: "Why do you think your band is doing so well?"

John: "Because we are a new fresh band with lots of fresh melodies."

Lori: "What is your stage show like?"

John: "It's pretty wild. You have to see the show to really understand."

Lori: "Do you think EUROPE has a particular image?"

John: "No. I think we are pure, natural guys."

Lori: "What do you feel like when you are in the studio?"

John: "When you are in the studio, you long to go back on the road. When you play live, you want to go back in the studio and make new songs."

Lori: "When will you had back in to make the next album?"

John: "In the fall. We will try to do a new album and progress. We won't necessarily aim for something different."

Lori: "Who are some of your favorite bands?"

John: "Journey, Mr. Mister, Van Halen."

Lori: "Who are your favorite bass players now?"

John: "Eric Clapton and Michael Anthony."

Lori: "Do you consider your group heavy metal?"

John: "That word heavy metal seems to be more widely used here than in Europe. In Europe groups like Motörhead and Iron Maiden are considered heavy metal."

Lori: "When did you know you wanted to get involved in music?"

John: "I was 19. I played in the same soccer team as the other guys when we were small kids. We went to the same high school."

Lori: "What does your family think now?"

John: "They don't think of it as a job, you know."

Lori: "Now that you're successful, how does it work with fiver members in the group trying to get along?"

John: "The feeling of the band is really tight. We are really good friends and have a lot of fun together. When we are working hard, we do not party. When we have some days off, maybe we could do some partying."

Lori: "What do you think you bring to the band?"

John: "Steadiness."

Lori: "What about Joey?"

John: "He is a very good songwriter and very creative."

Lori: "Any of you good business men?"

John: "No, we leave that up to our business manager."

Lori: "How do you feel when screaming girls come up to you after a show?"

John: "It is still a lot of fun. You just have to be careful about where you go."

Lori: "Good luck on the tour and enjoy your time off!"

John: "Thanks a lot!"

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