Chat with Mic Michaeli

By: Mic Michaeli and 13 EUROPE fans         From: The ESC Chat room - February 10, 2003

Note: This is not the entire chat, but  just a short resume:

<Christian> How was the meeting with the guys in January??
<Mic> Christian - we havent met yet...

<Michael> Guess everybody wants to know what's happening with Europe, is it just this box or will you jam???
<RockLu'> we want to know....the TRUTH!!! ;-)
<Mic> OK...all we have said is that we will get together and have few laughs and there will be some sort of box comin' later this year

<Marc> Mic, in a chat with Marcel Jacob recently, he told me that the main problem deciding whether to come back or not, was to arrive to a agreemen about who was gonna be the guitarrist... is it true?
<Mic> Marc - well, first of all there has to be a descition wether we will get together or not... then we will see about guitarist. I know who you would prefer... ;)
<Marc> lol

<Ivan> I also heard you will go on tour with Joey while promoting his new album. Is it true?
<Mic> If there will be a tour I will probably go
<Ivan> Great
<Pamela> Ivan you stole one of my questions ;)
<Mic> Give it back Ivan!!!
<Stein> So Joey hasn't decided about when he will go on tour?
<Mic> no tour that I have heard of

<Michael> Mic, you've once before told me that the TFC lead comes from a Yamaha tx-816 preset 1 and roland jx-10... How about the rythm sound?
<Stein> What's rhythm sound?
<Michael> Stein -Rythm sound is background/chords...
<Mic> Mic.Jess - Mainly a PPG wave...(something

<Michael> I've met Benty Öquist who did Kee's guitars but who did John Norums? -do you know/remember??
<Mic> At the time John was in the band the crew was on a very "budget" level so I don't think there was a roadie didicated for only guit.

<Marc> mic, can you unvail one of the biggest secrets in europe history? Why john left the band?
<Mic> There was a crack between him and the rest of the band that just expanded...It was unavoidable in the end
<Angelo> Mic did this started during the recordings of the TFC album when the producer said that he liked the keys so much and put the guitar more behind??
<Mic> Maybe...I remember John feeling uninspired doing some of the solos

<Christian> will there be a single released out of the new box???
<Mic> Single - we havent gotten that far in the discussions

About Kee Marcello's new solo album:
<Angelo> Kee is sorting out what's the best chanel for distribution right mic?
<Mic> Last time I spoke to Kee he was still looking for the right distribution channels for his album

<Michael> Mic what is that thing you guys do on the "Europe in Amerika" video, clap your hands, say "skatbarn...(?)" and ...???
<Mic> Mi.Jess - Thats the kind of things that happens to poor guys being on tour for too long... 
<Michael> So it didn't have any meaning?
<Mic> No meaning whatsoever!!! Pure insanity!

<Marc> mic, when will we see a MIC MICHAELI solo cd? C'mon, release those songs you have in the closet!!
<Mic> I don't see a solo cd in the near future...
<Dimi> "in the closet" may not be the best choice of words marc!
<Marc> sorry... my shitty english, man ;)

<Angelo> Who came up with the "Sweet Love Child" tune in the theater at Vina del MarChile back then?? I know you were just jammin'.......
<Mic> Sweet love child was a jam thing between kee joey and myself

<Stein> Kee once said that the weirdest place EUROPE had played in was Russia... What about you, Mic?
<Mic> Wirdest place - probably INDIA
<Mic> In we had a great support act... Nazareth
<Angelo> Nazareth?? wow
<Mic> India

<Michael> Weird Q for you Mic, but what was your guitar setup?
<Mic> Giut. set-up - Strat with Dimarzio pickup, Marshall combo. I HAD THE BEST RYTHM S0UND IN THE BAND!!!!!!!!!
<Mic> ....a pity I couldnt play
<Mic> exept for maybe for one song
<Michael> Mic remember which DiMarzio pickup you had ??? (neck or bridge (both?))
<Mic> I dont have a clue Michael :-)
<Mic> Well...bridge I know

<Angelo> there are cool pics around Mic playing the strat,...was it fake or real??

<Stein> Do you know if "EUROPE in America" will be released on DVD?
<Mic> I'm working on some DVD releases at the moment. they might involve parts of E In Am

<Marc> mic, if you would come back, what kind of music would you play? Hard AOR or would you go more straight like backyard babies or something like this?
<Mic> genre - hard to say marc....hopefully a mix

<Stein> Why didn't EUROPE make any videos for the singles from the "Wings" album? Not enough money?
<Mic> I guess (videos)

<Michael> Mic howcome you never played "Tomorrow" live???
<Mic> The song was not even discussed

<Christian> Mic, what was the best time in EUROPE for you personally???
<Mic> Best time - Spontaneously I would say touring with Def in the us

<Stein> It's been said that the main reason for OOTW failing to sell more was that you didn't come back for a second tour in the US. Is that true?
<Mic> Stein - I would say its because we didnt stay on tour with Def
<Stein> Yeah, that's what I was talking about. Do you regret that?
<Mic> NO REGRETS :-)
<Pamela> Wasn't it all the management fault?
<Mic> Pam yes I would say mangement to be blamed
<Stein> Screw the management >:(
<Mic> So we did Stein

<Michael> Mic the 80's hair bands were very much involved in 100+ girls at their hotels, was it like that with Europe too???
<Mic> Michael - 1000+ ;-)

<Michael> Mic are you still writing songs??? (what style, new Joey or Europe or....)
<Mic> michael - its a big span from children songs to extreme darkness ;)

<Michael> Mic, the ending of your concerts on the TFC tour, with the "ending of the song", was that intended for the CD or did that come up after recording or???
<Mic> Its a live thing
<Michael> yes but was it composed prior to the tour or did you need something to finish off the song?
it was done when rehearsing for the tour
TFC - I would have preferred a real ending on the CD instead of just fading the song out...
<Mic> I never thought about the ending on the album
<Stein> I like the video version of it. BANG! :)
<Mic> The Bang is a goood idea

<Pamela> that was Brigadoon Castle that Superstitous was filmed? Right?
<Mic> Pam...sorry but I wouldnt have a clue...honestly dont remember

<Angelo> Mic do you remember which old friend of you has a birthday today??
<Mic> Mr reno

<Stein> What's your favorite EUROPE video? What video don't you like so much?
<Mic> I think open your heart is one bad mother

<Christian> Mic, when was the last time you met TONY?
<Mic> havent seen tony since last millenium

<Michael> Mic remember which Europe tune(s) were hard to sing? (hard for your throat/voice)
<Mic> MicJess - more than meets...

<Ivan> What does your son thinks about Europe?
<Mic> Ivan - he's not too impressed

<Michael> Mic were you endorsed by Yamaha or were they just what you preferred??
<Mic> both
<Mic> But I also used and liked roland

<Christian> Mic whats ypur favourite unreleased E-Song???
<Mic> christian - I would probably say raibow w....

<Stein> I think Joey said that the keyboard he borrowed from you to compose the TFC riff was a "Korg". Is that right?
<Mic> Korg Polysix, yes

<Christian> Is it true, that there´ a song called "Wings of destiny" or something like this???
<Mic> Not that i know ofChris

<Michael> Mic, do YOU have a demo copy of the song "Out of this world"??? -on Joey's site he's been asked to include it in the box but Joey can't find a copy....
<Mic> There is a copy without vocals but I'm not sure its worth putting out....
<Stein> Bad quality?
<Michael> or bad song?
<Mic> Bad song? ;-)
<Michael> you know what I mean... did you go too much after making a TFC 2 ?
<Mic> Thats what I meant....bad song

<Stein> What was it like to play THOUSANDS of playback shows on TV in the 80s?
<Mic> Playbacks..........................................I dont want to talk about it ;-)

<Michael> How do you feel about your Millenium appearance, people/papers seemed to love it!
<Mic> I think we did an ok gig but it was lots of fun

<Stein> What do you think about Joey's new album? We fans love it, but the critics haven't been too good...
<Ivan> yes the press isn' t positive
<Mic> Sttein - I think you have to listen to the album alot and then it really grows on you - a journalist usually just give two run thruoghs max
<Stein> Yeah, I know what you mean
<Angelo> yeah I agree MIc the same hapopend with other fans first didn't like it, then after a few turns they listen to it more often.
<Mic> thats the problem with reviewers these days

<Michael> Who's your musical idol Mic, the beatles???
<Mic> well, i grew up with beatles zappa pink floyd iggy DP led zep etc
<Mic> lots of different stuff

<Angelo> Mic are you able or can you describe the new BA album maybe>??
<Mic> the best one so far...maybe a bit more accessable
<Angelo> accessable, to a broader audience??
<Mic> well, slightly...its still NIK

<Michael> Do you keep in contact with the John's??? -know what they're up to???
<Mic> Some contact with leven , yes

<Stein> A mate once told me that Joey sang all the background vocals on TFC (both song and album) himself. Is that true?
<Mic> its true except for Rock the night
<Stein> There it was the whole band, right?
<Mic> well I know i "sang". not sure about who else

<Stein> About the "Prisoners" album: "The Lame Svedes"... That was you, Joey and Kee, right? Whose idea was it to use that nick name?
<Mic> Stein - Beau called us that at some occation so we thought...why not...

<Michael> Mic do you still have all those gold and platinium records?
<Mic> yes most of them i think exept for one that i gave away to afriend who moved to brazil

<Christian> Mic is it true, taht you played a soocer-game against DEF LEPPARD, and lost 7:0???
<Mic> chris - At least 7-0
<Stein> Who was your goalkeeper?
<Mic> goalkeeper was probably Ali - he was our biggest from the entourage
<Christian> who is Ali??
<Stein> He was your bodyguard, right?
<Mic> right
<Christian> Do you have any video-material from this game???
<Christian> please put it on DVD!!! :-)
<Mic> put what on dvd?
<Stein> The soccer game EUROPE vs. Def Lep
<Christian> DEF LEPPARD vs. EUROPE. 7:0
<Mic> hahahhaha

<Karenina> Mic, my teacher Emilio admires your technique
<Mic> Emilio is out of his mind ;-)

<Michael> Mic did you know the Europe guys when they were called Force and played around Stockholm at schools and in basements`??
<Mic> Michael - yes of course. I was the only keyboarder they knew, thats why they asked me to join ;-)

<Michael> Mic which album did you enjoy recording the most???
<Mic> michael - PIP or OOTW

<Christian> Mic have you heard Joey sing "Get Back" together with Jon Bon Jovi in ´89?
<Mic> yes
<Stein> I have a video recording of a Japanese TV awards show in 1990. There Joey and Bon Jovi sings it together
<Mic> john is being outsanged by joey :-)
<Angelo> Jon Bong Jovi looked totally amazed and like a dork when Joey grabed the mic in Japan hahaha

<Mic> Guys it's been a pleasure but Elvis must leave the building ;-)

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