Universo Punto Rock
By: Universo Punto Rock            From: Radio Universo - April 23, 2009            Transcript by: Stein-Vidar

This transcript only includes the English parts.

Interviewer: "Thank you for being here."

Joey: "Hola!"

Ian: "Hello! Thanks for having us!" (laughs)

Joey: "It's great to be back."

Ian: "Yeah."

Joey: "Yes, we are back!"

Interviewer: "Welcome to our country! We miss you. 19 years from those shows on Viņa del Mar."

Ian: "Yeah."

Joey: "Yeah!" (laughs)

Ian: "It's been a long time but it's, it's great to be back and it's amazing to meet all these happy fans still being around for, for Europe after such a long time."

Joey: "Yeah. We've seen them on our europetheband.com, on our website, you know. Fans from South America and fans from Chile saying, 'Come to Chile please! Come to Chile!' And now we're here, you know. It's fantastic."

Ian: "Yeah."

Interviewer: "Tomorrow you're gonna play in Antofogasta. This Saturday in Santiago at the Couplican theatre. It's sold out theatre..."

Joey: "It's fantastic."

Interviewer: "Fantastic. And Sunday in Concepcion. What do you expect from this mini tour from Chile?"

Joey: (laughs) "Well, we hope it will actually lead to even more shows. We're here to test and see how we can do it. Maybe more shows and maybe even other countries that are surrounding Chile, or come back to Chile again. So we expect good connection with the fans and I think it's gonna be a good, good time!"

Ian: "Remembering what we, what we did when we were here at the Viņa del Mar in 1989... It was... the crowd was cheering, they were standing up, dancing about. People coming up on stage. The, the audience seemed to be quite wild. So we're a bit... you know... maybe I shouldn't say worried, but you know, anything can happen, I'm telling you!"

Interviewer: "1990 was the show."

Ian: "Oh yeah, OK."

Interviewer: "Not '89."

Ian: "Sorry." (laughs)

Interviewer: "Was amazing, wild..."

Joey: "He's a big Europe fan, he knows every, every year!" (laughs)

Ian: "Oh yeah!" (laughs)

Interviewer: "You're working on the new album, right?"

Joey: "We just finished it now. We've come out of the studio and this... tomorrow is the first show since we came out of the studio. We just finished it, it's all done now."

Interviewer: "'Last Look at Eden', right?"

Joey: "Yeah, that's the title of the new Europe record which will come out in August/September. With a single in May."

Interviewer: "In May?"

Joey: "Yeah."

Interviewer: "The first song. The name of the song? Have you decided?"

Ian: "I think it's gonna be the title track, isn't it?"

Joey: "Could be, I don't know." (laughs)

Ian: "You look a bit..."

Joey: "Yeah, because... I don't think we have..."

Ian: "Decided on it? OK."

Joey: "No no no, we can't, we can't tell you yet."

Interviewer: "There's some fans outside the radio... Do you see them?"

Joey: "Yeah, and there were some fans outside the hotel too, you know. It's great to see them, though. There's, there's been some fan clubs keeping the fire burning here, you know. Some good fan clubs in Chile, you know."

Interviewer: "It's comparable with the euphoria in the 1990 show in Viņa del Mar?"

Joey: "No, I think, you know, 80s was kinda crazy, you know. Our lives are a little bit more balanced now. We don't tour as much, but we tour, we work quite hard, but... Yeah, it's a little bit crazy still. Some countries are crazier than others, you know. Some countries are more reserved, but..."

Ian: "But I think the thing with the Viņa del Mar festival is that there's so many people gathered at the same place for the festival. So it's... it gets a bit more hectic around the festival. It's, it's amazing that people are, you know, looking us up at the hotel. I mean true Europe fans. They come there just because we're there. And one guy brought his keyboard, you know, so Mic Michaeli had to sign his, his synthesizer outside the hotel! I mean, all, all the... the effort these guys go through, I mean, what they do, it's amazing."

Interviewer: "What kind of songs are you gonna play since tomorrow here in Chile?"

Joey: "Yeah, we've talked about it in the band. We want to play everything, really. We wanna do the big hits, the big classic songs. But we also wanna do a couple of songs from the beginning, because we know there are some hardcore fans, Europe fans that know every song."

Interviewer: "Like 'Seven Doors Hotel'..."

Joey: "Yeah, yeah, early songs like that. 'Seven Doors...' is actually one of the first songs that Europe ever had. One of the very very first songs. And songs like that, we're gonna have a few of those. And then the big songs as well, from the big albums. And then also we want to introduce, of course, the new albums a little bit So it will be from 'Secret Society' and from 'Start from the Dark' as well. And as a surprise, if the mood is right and everybody connecting, we're gonna try to do one brand new song from 'Last Look at Eden'."

Ian: "The forthcoming album, yeah."

Joey: "From the next album... we hope that will happen. It depends a little bit on the connection and the audience and everything... We'll see."

Interviewer: "I want you to invite the people to hear a song. Pick a song. 'Rock the Night', 'Cherokee', 'Superstitious'..."

Ian: "Oh yeah. Well, what do you say, Joey? 'Hero'!"

Joey: "'Superstitious' would be good. It's a good song."

Ian: "'Superstitious', yeah."

Interviewer: "Can you introduce the song?"

Joey: "Sure. Hi everyone, this is Joey Tempest from the band Europe and here comes 'Superstitious'!"


Interviewer: "This is your official radio station for the shows, you know that?"

Joey: "Yeah! Yeah, we know this!"

Ian: "Great."

Joey: "Fantastic."

Interviewer: "Radio Universo."

Ian: "Couldn't be better, I would say."

Interviewer: "Yes."

Ian: "This is the best."

Interviewer: "Thank you very much. Any kind of possibility that Europe will make a world tour?"

Joey: "Yeah, yeah. I mean we're... we're starting now in South America, in Chile. But we will do... We're gonna do festivals all over Europe this summer. In the autumn we're gonna do indoor shows. Lots in Germany and then in Scandinavia. And then we're looking at 2010... Asia and UK and America. So I think we're gonna be on the road now until the end of 2010."

Ian: "Yeah."

Interviewer: "You're gonna play great shows in USA, or you don't know yet?"

Joey: "We don't know yet. We want to do America 2010. 'Cause you need to be in advance and build it up. So we've started working on it right now, see who's touring and maybe tour with somebody else, and yeah..."

Interviewer: "The fans have questions for you, of course."

Fan: "Who were the bands that you mostly hated during the 80s?"

Ian: "What's that? What..."

Fan: "The bands that you hated during the 80s?"

Ian: "The bands that I hated during the 80s... Well, I know I didn't... I didn't care very much for bands like Poison, 'cause they, they... to me they seemed to be more a little about posing and getting the makeup right, rather than playing rock'n'roll music. So Poison was one of those bands that I didn't like."

Interviewer: "For the chicks, right? For the girls."

Ian: "That's right. But I have to say, though, these guys are still around. They're still touring, so they did something right. They wrote great songs that people wanted to hear still. So it's... I, I mean I was wrong." (laughs)

Interviewer: "Did you see the reality show from Bret Michaels? 'The Rock of Love'?"

Ian: "Yeah, he just wanted something to, you know... He just..."

Interviewer: "You wanna do something in Sweden?"

Ian: "No, not really. I'm married since 10 years, and I'm happily married, so I wouldn't do that, but it was a bit sad to see that show, I think. (laughs) What did you think, Joey?"

Joey: "Yeah... I didn't watch it."

Interviewer: "On those times in the 80s..."

Ian: "Yeah."

Interviewer: "There's a lot of girls."

Joey: "Yeah, a lot of girls liked our... liked the band and... Lot of guys too. But of course... it was some crazy times, you know. Some girls would rent cars, helicopters, airplanes to get to us, you know what I mean?"

Interviewer: "Yeah?"

Joey: "Yeah, crazy..."

Ian: "And I remember especially the, the show we did at the Viņa del Mar. My memory was that... 'My God, so many great-looking women in, in, in one place!'"

Joey: "One place. Yeah."

Ian: "It was amazing. I think, I think Viņa del Mar must have been like the fountain of beauty, beautiful women."

Interviewer: "All those girls from Viņa del Mar came for the shows in Santiago..."

Ian: "That's great!"

Interviewer: "...and Concepcion and Antofagasta."

Ian: "Looking forward to see them."

Interviewer: "20... 20 years later! 20 years later."

Ian: "Looking forward to see them and their daughters!" (laughs)

Interviewer: "Would you like to invite the people in Antofagasta and Concepcion to see you in the show, please?"

Joey: "Absolutely!"

Ian: "Oh yeah."

Joey: "It'll be great to see the fans to come and see our shows. Obviously Santiago is sold out. But the other two shows.... May be some tickets left. And it'll be great to see you. It's gonna be a fantastic time! A great rock experience!"

Ian: "Yeah. Don't miss it!"

Interviewer: "Would you like to come back right now to Chile, right?"

Joey: "Yeah, we're coming right now."

Ian: "We don't wanna like... we don't like to come back. We'd like to stay forever!"

Joey: "We're gonna move here!"

Interviewer: "We care about you."

Ian: "Thanks."

Interviewer: "We love you too. The last two records are so great. Very heavy with a good balance between riffs and melodies. The most easy thing will be playing exactly as you do in the 80s. But you take a risk and you do it great. What do you think about it? Why'd you need to take a risk in those two albums?"

Joey: "I think we just needed to start from a place that was really us at the time. When we went up with, with John Norum again, he had detuned guitars, and... We started playing in rehearsals and we realized this is a new sound, we like it. It's more modern, it feels fresh. And we needed to start somewhere. And we found a place to start. And from there we've grown. And then we did 'Secret Society,' and we sort of found a few new ways. And 'Last Look at Eden' is completely open, completely open. It's got melodies like the 80s melodies, it's got a little bit more keyboard, it's got great guitar riffs. It's more... 'Last Look at Eden' is more a Europe album than 'Secret Society' and 'Start from the Dark'. 'Last Look at Eden' is a real Europe album."

Ian: "Yeah. It's like 'Start from the Dark' and 'Secret Society' has led up to 'Last Look at Eden'."

Joey: "Yeah. We had to make those two albums in order to do this. This great, great new album."

Interviewer: "It's like an evolution."

Ian: "Yeah, right. Evolution, right."

Interviewer: "'Got to Have Faith.'"

Joey: "'Got to Have Faith'?"

Interviewer: "Yeah, yes. Please introduce the song."

Joey: "Alright... OK."

Ian: "Well..." (laughs)

Joey: "You do it! Ian does it! Ian does it!"

Ian: "This is the opening, opening track of the album 'Start...'"

Interviewer: "'Secret Society.'"

Ian: "'Start from the Dark', actually."

Interviewer: "'Got to Have Faith'."

Ian: "'Got to Have Faith'?"

Interviewer: "Yeah."

Joey: "It's from 'Start from the Dark'."

Interviewer: "Yeah. 'Got to Have Faith'."

Ian: "Yep. Let's go for it! It's a rocker and it's gonna blow your socks off!"

Joey: "Here is 'Got to Have Faith'!"

*Got to Have Faith*

Interviewer: "Ian! Don't go away. Don't go..."

Ian: "Yes, OK. I'm sorry." (laughs)

Interviewer: "Ian Haugland and Mr. Joey Tempest. Thank you very much for your time. This is a really really great conversation and..."

Ian: "Thank you."

Joey: "Thank you. Thank you very much for having us here. It's always a pleasure."

Ian: "Yeah."

Interviewer: "I like to... You invite the people to the show... You're gonna play 'Carrie'?"

Joey: "Probably."

Ian: "Absolutely."

Interviewer: "Yeah? And 'Final Countdown?"

Joey: "Probably." (laughs)

Interviewer: "And 'Cherokee'?"

Joey: "Probably!" (laughs)

Interviewer: "Two, three hours, right?"

Joey: "Absolutely. Maybe four!"

Interviewer: "Maybe four hours? (laughs) Joey Tempest said he's gonna play four hours!"

Joey: "Usually around 1:45, you know. 1:45, two, maybe."

Interviewer: "Yeah. 2:45, 2:30, OK! (laughs) We've got a great show!"

Ian: "Yeah."

Interviewer: "OK. Thank you, thank you very much."

Ian: "Thank you very much for having us."

Joey: "Alright, see you soon, everyone! Goodbye!"

Ian: "Bye!"

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