"Expressen" found the hunted manager

By: Lena Lindehag         From: Expressen - August 10, 2003         Translated by: Stein-Vidar

Owing 4.6 million Swedish Kronor (590 000 US Dollars) in taxes, EUROPE's former manager is a prey for the tax inspectors. The search for Thomas Erdtman has lasted for several years in many countries. "Expressen" found him - in Sweden.

"I've been traveling around the world and haven't had any permanent address," he explains. The now 53 year old Thomas Erdtman made tons of money during the successful years with EUROPE. Since then he has worked with artists such as the Norwegian bands M2M and Babel Fish. But the Government doesn't seem to have gotten its share during the years. In addition to the taxes for the income years from 1991 to 1994, the manager owes 381 422 Kronor
(49 000 US Dollars) for 1988. The total tax debt is 4 586 512 Kronor (589 000 US Dollars).

Norway and the USA
The taxing authorities have looked for Erdtman in vain in countries such as Norway and the USA. "We can't get hold of him anywhere," handling officer Ann Persson says. But when "Expressen" contacted Erdtman's son yesterday, it only took ten minutes before Erdtman himself called us up. Then he stated that he didn't know that he was wanted for service about a prolonged period of limitation. "This is something I have to look into, of course. I will have to sit down and work on it and talk to the authorities," Thomas Erdtman says, "This 1991-1994 stuff happened after they declared me bankrupt. I had no income and didn't fill in my income-tax return form, and wasn't in good shape mentally," he continues.

With his grandchildren
After staying abroad, the manager now spends his summer with his family. "I'm home to see my children and grandchildren," Erdtman says and claims that he will contact the taxing authorities now. But the Government shouldn't have too high hopes about cashing in the millions. "I have no such income nowadays to pay this much, at least not in the near future."

Tax status for EUROPE
Joey Tempest, 39 years old:
Emigrated in 1987 and is registered on an address in Ireland. Owes 9 385 114 Kronor
(1 200 000 US Dollars) in taxes.

John Norum, 39 years old:
registered in Sweden and is free of debt.

John Levén, 39 years old:
Lives in Sweden. Owes 98 842 Kronor
(13 000 US Dollars) in taxes.

Mic Michaeli, 40 years old:
Lives in Sweden. Owes 29 167 Kronor
(3 800 US Dollars) in taxes.

Ian Haugland, 38 years old:
Lives in Sweden. Owes 3 385 Kronor
(430 US Dollars) in taxes.

Kee Marcello, 43 years old:
Lives in Sweden and is free of debt.

Research: Tomas Carlsson

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