The star of the year 1987 was John Norum

By: Anders Tengner            From: OKEJ - No. 9, 1988            Translated by: Stein-Vidar

Swedish artist of the year. Single of the year. Swedish LP of the year. Cutie of the year. The star of the year 1987 was John Norum.

"I'm really happy with the victory, but that 'cutie of the year' thing can't be right...?" John was asleep when OKEJ called him up with the good news that he had been voted "Artist of the Year" by OKEJ's readers. "Awesome," a sleepy John yawned, but he soon rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. Was he really surprised? Maybe, maybe not! For John's career since he left EUROPE has gotten better and better. He probably felt that he would carry home at least one medal. But four...? No, he had probably not counted on that. But it was four! Four number 1 spots in OKEJ's first big reader voting! It's almost worth a bottle of bubbly!

OKEJ's reader thought John had been amazingly good in 1987 that he with overwhelming margins over his opponents won in the categories "Swedish Artist of the Year",  "Swedish LP", "Swedish Single"and "Cutie of the Year". "It's really fun," John says joyfully. "Three number 1 spots, totally amazing! I actually don't count the fourth one, that cutie thing. That one should have gone to Tone, not me!" Yes, yours truly has to agree - and if you think about it, they're as alike as two peas in a pod. It might be the blow that struck the one who wins the distinction. It was actually just for fun.

But that John today is one of Sweden's most popular artists is not a joke, but fact. There's proof! A big pile of vote cards from the thousands of readers who had voted for him. We brought along the giant sack when we visited John and poured them over John who took a dive in the letter pile. "The best thing I did was to leave EUROPE," John beams and looks back at the past year until today (1988) he hardly has anything to regret. A plantinum LP, two hit singles, a celebrated tour and awaiting world launch. John Norum stands on his own as an established artist - and his future looks even brighter.

He'll just have to live with the fact that's he's cute...

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