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My name is Stein-Vidar and I'm from Norway. I've been a EUROPE fan ever since I heard "The Final Countdown" for the first time back in 1986. More than 30 years later it still is my favorite song of all time. I started my first EUROPE website, The Europe Sanctuary, just a couple of days before the band's one-off reunion concert in Stockholm on New Year's Eve 1999. After a while I realized that the name wasn't good enough, and thus I decided to rename it after a EUROPE song. Finally I decided on Aphasia, named after John Norum's epic instrumental on my favorite album of all time, Wings of Tomorrow. 16 years later, more specifically in March 2016, I felt it was time for another name change, this time to Wings of Tomorrow.

I've been to thirteen EUROPE concerts – ten in Norway and three in Sweden:
1. Festplassen Vallset, Vallset, Norway – June 11, 2004 (first concert on their reunion tour!)
2. Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway – October 19, 2004
3. Vikafestivalen, Mo i Rana, Norway – July 21, 2007
4. Midnattsrocken, Lakselv, Norway – July 12, 2008 (I got to meet Joey, Mic and Ian right before the concert!)
5. Døgnvillfestivalen, Tromsø, Norway – September 3, 2011
6. Midnattsrocken, Lakselv, Norway – July 6, 2012
7. Sweden Rock Festival, Norje, Sweden – June 7, 2013 (the 30th anniversary show!)
8. Tysnesfest, Tysnes, Norway – July 12, 2013
9. Stockholm Waterfront, Stockholm, Sweden – March 3, 2014 (first concert on the Wings Over Sweden tour where they played the whole Wings... album!)
10. Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway – September 24, 2015 (I got to meet Ian and Mic before the concert and John Levén and John Norum afterwards!)
11. Cirkus, Stockholm, Sweden – November 8, 2016 (first concert on The Final Countdown 30th Anniversary Tour where they played the whole ...Countdown album!)
12. Vikingskipet, Hamar, Norway – June 2, 2022
13. Tons of Rock, Oslo, Norway – June 23, 2022

If you wish to ask me a question about this site or anything related to EUROPE, or just wish to say hello, please feel free to use this contact form.

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