Leaked demo sessions
A list of demos that have been recorded by EUROPE and have been leaked.

197981 FORCE demo sessions
"Hold On"
"The Roses"
"Black Rose"
"Give Me a Break"
"Rock On" (early version of "Farewell")
"Midnight Show"
"Endless Voyage of Dreams"
"Can't Work It Out"
"Power of Rock"
"Shooting Star"

1985 The Final Countdown demo sessions
"Can't You Stay"
"Danger on the Track"
"Heart of Stone"
"Love Chaser"
"On Broken Wings"
"Time Has Come"

198991 Prisoners in Paradise demo sessions
"Here Comes the Night"
"Blame It on Me"
"Break Free"
"Long Time Comin'"
"Sweet Love Child"
"Wanted Man"
"Yesterday's News"
"Bad Blood"
"Rainbow Warrior"
"Seventh Sign"
"Little Bit of Lovin'"
"Wild Child"
"Don't Know How to Love No More"
"Talk to Me"
"Mr. Government Man"
"Never Gonna Say Goodbye" (Joey Tempest and Russ Ballard)
"Little Sinner" (Joey Tempest and Russ Ballard)

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