Kee Marcello

Solo albums

Year Artist Title
1995 Kee Marcello Shine On
2004 Kee Marcello's K2 Melon Demon Divine
2011 Kee Marcello Redux: Europe
2013 Kee Marcello Judas Kiss

Solo singles

Year Artist Title
1995 Kee Marcello Shine On
1996 Kee Marcello Sweet Little Sister
1996 Kee Marcello The Wind Cries Your Name
2011 Kee Marcello Redux: Europe
2013 Kee Marcello Zombie

Other albums
Year Artist Title
1978 Various Artists Jazz & Rock [with Stetson Cody Group]
1982 Noice Europa
1983 Easy Action Easy Action
1983 Style So Chic
1984 Niclas Wahlgren Niclas Wahlgren
1985 Mikael Rickfors Hearthunters
1985 Svensk Rock Mot Apartheid ANC Galan [with Mikael Rickfors]
1985 Shanghai Shanghai
1986 Easy Action That Makes One
1986 Mikael Rickfors Rickfors
1990 Svullo Ride On
1991 Joey Tafolla Infra-Blue
1991 Torben Schmidt A Bit on the Side
1991 Mikael Rickfors Judas River
1992 Edin-Ådahl Kosmonaut Gagarins Rapport
1992 Ulf Wakenius Back to the Roots
1993 Red Fun Red Fun
1994 Sy Klopps Blues Band Walter Ego
1997 Mikael Rickfors Happy Man Don't Kill
1997 Killer Bee World Order Revolution
1999 In Flames Colony
2000 Sand & Gold Remember My Name
2001 Eclipse The Truth and a Little Bit More
2001 E-Type Euro IV Ever
2001 Sayit Again
2002 Zinny J. Zan City Boy Blues
2003 Ken Tamplin and Friends Wake the Nations
2003 Laudamus Lost in Vain
2004 VII Gates Fire, Walk With Me
2005 Sha-Boom The Race Is On
2005 Pavic Taste Some Liberty
2005 Pär Edwardson Bodybuilding - But With Centimetre?
2005 Various Artists Melodifestivalen 2005
2006 Heed The Call [Japanese edition]
2006 Various Artists V3
2006 Various Artists Frölunda Collection
2007 Andrew Bordoni Andrew Bordoni & Friends
2008 Myland No Man's Land
2008 Pavic Unconditioned
2009 Åge Sten Nilsen GLAMunition
2009 Alex Falcone Aphasia
2009 Various Artists Lit Up: A Millennium Tribute to Buckcherry [with Chris Catena]
2010 Yana Mangi Earth Shadow

Other singles
Year Artist Title
1979 Stetson Cody Group Det Var Du
1980 Silver En Gång Till
1980 D'Accord Ge Mig Mer
1981 D'Accord Nattliv
1981 Kee & The Kick Nyfiken
1982 Alex & Kee Rock 'N' Roll
1983 Easy Action We Go Rockin'
1983 Easy Action Easy Action [EP]
1983 Easy Action Round, Round, Round
1984 Easy Action The End of the Line
1984 Neon Leon And The Bondage Babies Girls, Guns and Money
1984 Niclas Wahlgren Het Lång Sommarnatt
1985 Swedish Metal Aid Give a Helpin' Hand
1986 Easy Action In the Middle of Nowhere
1986 Easy Action Talk of the Town
1986 Easy Action Teachers Do It With Class
1988 Easy Action Only Love
1993 Red Fun Doc Love
1993 Red Fun My Baby's Coming Back
1993 Red Fun News from the Swedish Rock Scene [EP]
1993 Red Fun Don't Close Your Eyes
2007 Chris Catena Born Again [EP]

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