Ian Haugland

Other albums
Year Artist Title
1986 Tone Norum One of a Kind
1994 Glenn Hughes From Now On
1994 Glenn Hughes Burning Japan Live
1994 Baltimoore Thought for Good
1994 Niva No Capitulation
1995 Trilogy Lust Provider
1995 RAW First
1996 Brazen Abbot Live and Learn
1996 Peter Jezewski Swedish Gold
1997 Brazen Abbot Eye of the Storm
1997 Clockwise Nostalgia
1997 RAW Now We're Cookin'
1997 Various Artists A Salute to AC/DC [with Trilogy]
1998 Brazen Abbot Bad Religion
1998 Clockwise Nave
1998 Various Artists Ozzified: A Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne
1998 Brains Beat Beauty First Came Moses, Now This
1998 Thore Skogman n r Det Drag
1998 Candlemass Dactylis Glomerata
1998 Totte Wallin M M M Blues (och lite country)
2001 Nikolo Kotzev Nostradamus
2001 Baltimoore The Best of Baltimoore
2002 Sha-Boom FIIIRE!! - The Best of Sha-Boom
2003 Brazen Abbot Guilty as Sin
2003 Last Autumn's Dream Last Autumn's Dream
2005 Sha-Boom The Race Is On

Other singles
Year Artist Title
1985 Swedish Metal Aid Give a Helpin' Hand
1994 Glenn Hughes Pickin' Up the Pieces
1998 Brain Beats Beauty Where Broken Hearted People Go
1998 Brains Beat Beauty Shine a Light
2002 Sha-Boom FIIIRE!
2003 Ten 67 Rock 'N' Roll Allright

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