Last Look at Eden

Standard cover
Limited edition digipak
Collectors edition
Standard cover Limited edition digipak Collectors edition

Release dates
Scandinavia: September 9, 2009
UK: September 14, 2009
Germany: September 18, 2009
Japan: October 21, 2009

Track listing
1. "Prelude" (Joey Tempest, Mic Michaeli, Tobias Lindell)
2. "Last Look at Eden" (Joey Tempest, Andreas Carlsson, EUROPE)
3. "Gonna Get Ready" (Joey Tempest, Andreas Carlsson, EUROPE)
4. "Catch That Plane"  (Joey Tempest, EUROPE)
5. "New Love in Town" (Joey Tempest, Mic Michaeli, Andreas Carlsson, EUROPE)
6. "The Beast" (Joey Tempest, John Levén, EUROPE)
7. "Mojito Girl" (Joey Tempest, EUROPE)
8. "No Stone Unturned" (Joey Tempest, EUROPE)
9. "Only Young Twice" (Joey Tempest, John Norum, EUROPE)
10. "U Devil U" (Joey Tempest, EUROPE)
11. "Run with the Angels" (Joey Tempest, John Norum, Mic Michaeli, EUROPE)
12. "In My Time" (Joey Tempest, Andreas Carlsson, EUROPE)
Limited edition digipack bonus tracks
13a. "Yesterday's News" [live in Paris 2005] (Joey Tempest, Kee Marcello, John Levén, Mic Michaeli, Ian Haugland)
14a. "Wake Up Call" [live in Tokyo 2005] (Joey Tempest, John Norum)
Collectors edition - bonus tracks on 7" vinyl
13b. "Sign of the Times" [live in Paris 2005] (Joey Tempest)
14b. "Start from the Dark" [live in Paris 2005] (Joey Tempest, John Norum)
Japanese edition bonus track
13c. "Scream of Anger" [live at Sweden Rock Festival 2009] (Lyrics by Joey Tempest; music by Joey Tempest, Marcel Jacob)

Joey Tempest Lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitars
John Norum Guitars
John Levén Bass
Mic Michaeli Keyboards, backing vocals
Ian Haugland Drums

Guest appearances
Titiyo – Backing vocals on tracks 4, 7, 12
Kleerup Backing vocals on tracks 4, 7, 8, 12 and backwards piano outro on track 4
Andreas Carlsson Backing vocals on tracks 2, 3, 5
Magnus Sjölander Percussion

The Czech National Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Tomas Brauner
Arrangements by Mic Michaeli and Tommy Hansson
Orchestration and musical direction by Tommy Hansson
Contracted, recorded, edited and mixed by Marcus Bergqvist for
Recorded at the Gallery Studios in Prague
Assistant engineer: Standa Baroch
Transports by Marek Kolar
Catering by Radim Tomek

Additional orchestra musicians
Sixten Hay Trombone
Anette O Varela Bassoon

Produced by Tobias Lindell and EUROPE
Mixed and engineered by Tobias Lindell
Mastered by Vlado Meller at Universal Mastering Studios, New York
Recorded and mixed at Bohus Sound Studios, Gothenburg
Additional production by Joey Tempest and Mic Michaeli
Additional recordings at Playyard Studios, Stockholm by Per Stappe and Ronny Bernström; Studio 13, Stockholm by Marcus Englof

Art direction and design by Dimitrios Dimitriadis at Nightshade Design Collective
Band photos by Fredrik Etoall at Etoall Production


Year Label Country Catalog number Comments
2009 Universal Scandinavia UNI-0602527-09851 Released in three different colors: Green, yellow and red 
2009 earMUSIC United Kingdom 0198172ERE Limited edition digipak, includes tracks 13a-14a
2009 earMUSIC United Kingdom 0197847ERE Collectors edition, includes a 7" vinyl with tracks 13b-14b
2009 JVC Victor  Japan VICP-64772 Includes track 13c

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